Thursday, 19 May 2011

Research for the Vogue Fabrics Bedlam Film by Cathal

At Glastonbury 2011 VOGUE FABRICS will return to the Block 9 site. It will be bigger and better this time around : )
Anna Bruder and myself are designing a space called Bedlam : a mini mental asylum !
Within the space film will be shown on televisions and with projection.
I am making the film which will be shown.

If I have sent you this then you need to star in it.
a camera will be set up and waiting.

This is my research in a nutshell : please look so you get the vibe : )
I will be filming at VOGUE FABRICS.(I will let you know the dates personally)

Look forward to seeing you at your best boys and girls (and those in between) 

Hugs and dickies, Cathal xx

video inspiring the film : look

monochrome : awkward body positions : repetition

monochrome : tv screen : repetition

music inspiring the film : listen

listen to the soundtrack i made for my film for alex noble below :


film portraits : tv's

performance : dress up

babies bonnets : nappies : dummies : general weirdness


pegs : dental gums : 'special' wigs : nighties : cake : hospital debris

mattress : padded room

pillow fight : exploding white feathers

to reference the padded room aesthetic i want white feathers to appear in the film

bandages : white sheets

bedlam : medical asylum

behind bars

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